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Can no longer connect tablet with companion
After putting ports 16568 and 16569 as exceptions in my McAfee firewall for the companion, I was able to connect. However, after the app and the companion were updated, I can no longer connect. I was hoping you would fix the problem, but after several version updates, I still can't connect. MobileSheets says that it's sending out a broadcast message and then says it's waiting, but there is no indication on the companion that it has received a message.

I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on my PC, and the tablet is an ASUS TF300T running Ice Cream Sandwich.

The broadcast message is sent on ports 8888, and 9999. It's very odd that the companion app is no longer receiving the broadcast after the update, as I really didn't change very much with v1.3.0 (and didn't touch the connection code). I'm wondering if Mcafee started blocking the companion app again after the update because it considered it a different product. Can you try entering the exceptions again with the latest version? Definitely try toggling your tablet's wifi off and on as this sometimes fixes odd issues. Sorry for the inconvenience!
It was McAfee. Again. It's odd what apparently fixed it, though. Here's the odd thing. I had the security level set to "Full access - Give all my programs full internet access." That should not prevent the companion from connecting, I would think. So, what I did to make it work was to change the security level to "Monitored Access - Allow known programs on my PC to automatically connect to the internet and notify me when programs are unrecognized." That's counter-intuitive, but I was thinking that perhaps McAfee would ask me if the companion could access the internet and I could give it permission. It did not ask, but did allow the tablet to connect to the companion. Doesn't make any sense to me, but at the present time, it is working. It's possible that McAfee had a problem that was fixed by an update.

Thanks again for your help. I'm a retired programmer, and I can tell you from experience, this computer stuff is a mystery even to us technical types sometimes. LOL

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