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Copy with annotations?
When I copy a song that has been annotated, the annotations are not copied. Is there a way to copy it with the annotations (so that I can create versions that are annotated differently)?
I'm using pdf files, I haven't tried converting them to images. Would that make a difference?
I sent this email to Mike, but thought I would post it here as well in case anyone can help me. This should describe what I am trying (unsuccessfully, so far) to do. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Mike,
I can't find any way to copy or print the sheet with annotations.
I need to be able to create versions with annotations that build on each other, in other words to copy the sheet with annotations, then further annotate that sheet, save as another version, and so on. Therefore I will have several saved annotated versions without having to recreate my work. Also, I need to be able to move it to the computer (using the companion app, dropbox, email, or whatever) so that I can print it, with the annotations.
Is this possible in this app?

Well, I figured out one way to do this.
Take a screen shot of the annotated page, (on my Samsung Galaxy this is a palm swipe motion), then open the gallery image in MobileSheets, rename the image, and go on from there.
I don't see a way to do this in MobileSheets, but this method works well.

I'll respond here so that it's visible to more users:

There is no way at the moment to copy annotations from MobileSheets on the tablet to your PC. I plan to add printing support to the tablet soon, but this doesn't solve the problem you have described. The real answer is being able to export annotations into the PDF itself, so that the PDF can be opened on the computer and printed. I am going to work on solving this problem in a future update. Your current workaround is probably the best solution until I can add support for Google Print at least.

Hi Mike,
OK, thanks.
To be clear, what I would really like to do is just to be able to save a copy of the annotated sheet in MobileSheets. Then I would have two copies of the same sheet - one annotated and one unannotated. I could then add more annotations to previously-annotated sheet, save again as a third song, and so on.
Am I correct that there's currently no way to do this?
You have a couple ways of doing this, depending upon what your goal is. I will illustrate these below:

1) If your goal is just to have access to the unannotated version, plus the latest annotated version (and you don't care about the steps you took in between), then this can be achieved by just using the "Show Annotations" control. If you have a score open, tap the center of the screen to bring up the overlay, then tap the circle at the top left to show additional options. One of these is a toggle for annotations. This would let you view the unannotated version.

2) If your goal is truly to have many different versions of the same song, this can be achieved by using the "Copy Song" feature, which also copies annotations. To create a new copy, go to the library screen, find your song, long press it to see the popup menu, and then select "Copy Song". This will generate a copy with all of the same annotations/bookmarks/link points/etc etc.

It sounds like what you want is #2.

I've been trying that all along (option #2), following exactly those steps, but the annotations are not in the copy - it's just a copy of the original sheet.
Is there something I need to do to make it also copy the annotations, etc.?

I thought I had fixed this for v4.1.6, but it turns out I had made the fix for the next version. I really apologize for misleading you. Unfortunately, this means there is not an easy way to generate multiple versions of annotations for one song in the current version.

Hi Mike,

OK, thanks for clarifying. No problem, I'll just look forward to v4.1.7 - meanwhile I've got a workaround with the screenshot method.


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