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Scrolling Staves
On my Android tablet with a Lekato pedal, the left pedal causes an annotation Stave to scroll left across the page of music and the right pedal causes a stave to scroll right across the page. What have I done wrong?
I'm not sure I completely followed that, but go to Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Pedal Actions, tap the keys field for pedal 1, tap Clear, then press the left pedal switch. Tap OK, then assign the action you want that pedal switch to trigger using the dropdown. Repeat this for pedal 2.

Thanks for the reply. I had followed the actions you suggested, and the pedal works fine in Performance Mode. However, in Overlay Mode pressing a pedal seems to enter the Annotation Editor and scrolls the last selected tool! I hadn't realized that I  had selected Performance Mode.
What key commands is the pedal sending? It sounds like it's doing a lot more than just sending a single keystroke. What key commands are you currently listening to and what actions did you map those to?

I've set the pedal  1 action to 'Go to Previous Page' and pedal 2 to 'Go to Next Page', but if I press either pedal in the 'Press Pedal' the 'Keys:' entry stays blank.
Stop Press - I've just switched the pedal to 'ios' and the pedals now send 'DPAD_LEFT' and 'DPAD_RIGHT'. The strange behaviour reported earlier has gone away in 'ios' mode. But my tablet is Android. Sorry I didn't think to try that earlier!
It sounds like the pedal is doing very strange things in "Android" mode. The iOS mode matches what MobileSheets is expecting, so I'm glad you found a way to switch that.


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