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wrong number of songs
After deleting a song from the setlist, the number of songs in this list is displayed incorrectly:

1. create a new setlist "testlist" and add 2 songs to it ("song1" and "song2")
2. setlist displays: "testlist 2" -> correct
3. select this setlist and then tap on "song1"
4. while "song1" is displayed, select "edit song" and remove the entry "setlists" from this song

setlist still shows: "testlist 2" -> incorrect
when selecting the setlist, only "song2" is displayed -> correct

(After restarting MSP, the display is correct again.)
I'll take a look at this to see if I can reproduce it.

I can't seem to reproduce this with version 3.8.43. If I create a new setlist, add three songs to it, load that setlist, tap "Edit" in the song overlay while viewing the first song, remove the setlist, tap OK to save the changes, return back to viewing the setlist, then go back to the library screen, it correctly displays the song count in the name at the top left. So I think I'm missing something.

I have now documented the individual steps:

1: create a new setlist ("testlist") and add 2 songs ("song1" and "song2")
2: "testlist" has 2 songs (green marking)
3: both songs are displayed
4: during the display of "song1" select "edit"
5+6: remove the setlists-entry
7: after save "song2" is displayed (correct, because "song1" is no longer in the list)
8: back to the library - the list is still displayed with 2 songs (red marking)
9: after selecting the list again only song2 is displayed and the correct number of songs is shown in the title bar

the error can be seen in picture 8

by the way: 
it is a bit confusing that the number in brackets after "setlists" shows the number of lists (picture 2) and then the number of songs 
in the selected list (picture 3), especially since in the second case "setlists" is in the plural although 1 list is selected (yellow marking)

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