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EInk and drawing
On my Max Lumi I found something which is not working correctly. If I change to annotation mode and choose the crescendo (or decrescendo) tool to draw a crescendo, only the stroke path (as with the pen tool) is drawn on the Eink screen. It only seems to be a visual thing with the boox drawing library, because in fact, the crescendo sign is created and shows up when the annotation mode is closed.

I wanted to create a video showing this behavior, but on the video everything is drawn correctly. So it really seems to be a thing with how boox handles pen strokes. @Mike: Maybe you can have a look at this with your boox devices?
FWIW, my TAB-X behaves as you would expect, IE, it does not exhibit the behaviour your Max Lumi does.
You're only paranoid if you're wrong  Cool
I'm using an Onyx Boox Tab X
That's odd because the raw drawing mode is only enabled with the pen tool. With the crescendo tool, it will have the slower screen redrawing, but the application should be identically to how it would on a normal Android device. I'll certainly take a look at it to see if I can reproduce it though.


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