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Unsuooprted File Type
Why is it when I go to open new Downloaded version as I cant get it to open on my Android tablet,   Companion it comes uo saying"Unsupported File Type. "
How can I fix this ??
You've provided very little information. Please provide the following information:

1) What type of file are you trying to import? What is the size of the file?
2) Are you only using the companion app to try to import the new version of the file? 
3) Have you right-clicked the song using the file and selected "Swap File"? This is the recommended approach to updating a file to a new version.

Thank You for that.
All I want to do is to move my Mobilesheets on my Lenovo Thinkpad onto my Android Tablet.
The Tablet won't let me open the Download of Companion. It downloads ,then won't open. It says I I have an unsupported file ??. I can't even download and open Companion Pro (Its on my Thinkpad Okay) on my Thinkpad. I need the 2 for Performance work.  !
1 for my keyboard and 1 for my Guitar and vocals.
Hope you can help me .. Thank you
Companion does not run on Android. Only on Windows (and maybe Mac - not sure about that)
Companion running on Windows will connect to MobileSheets running on Android though, so you will be able to update things on your tablet, from the companion running on your Thinkpad.
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As mentioned above, the companion app only runs on Windows devices. To transfer your library, the simplest way to handle this is to create a library backup file on your old tablet, transfer that to your new tablet and then restore your library using it. To do this, open MobileSheets on your old tablet, tap the three dots at the top right of the library screen and then tap Settings->Backup and Restore->Backup Library. This will generate a .msb file in the folder you select which can be on the device or in the cloud. If you selected a local folder, transfer the file from that folder to the other tablet. Open MobileSheets on the new tablet, then go to Settings->Backup and Restore->Restore Library from Backup. After the restore completes, you will have access to your entire library on that device. 

Thank you for that Info.
I just went to download Mobile Sheets on my Android and I'm getting 2 versions. 
1 is a trail 
the otheer is a Paid Version.
DoI have to pay to put it on my Android again ??
Mike charges per platform type (windows, Mac, Android).

As far as Android is concerned, you don't have to buy it again to install on a different Android device.
You will have to rebuy if you are moving from windows (thinkpad?) to Android.

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All Sorted.   I purchased another Mobile Sheets for my Android. 
All works well ... Thank You

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