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Companion suggestions
Hello Mike,

I have a few suggestions for the Companion program.

1) Is it possible to add extra columns in Mobilesheets Companion for:
"Collections" and "setlists"?
So you can sort them by clicking on the columnhead. I think it's useful, because then you can see easily which song is in which collection or setlist. I don't know how it works when one song is in several collections or setlists.
Or even blank columns that the use can add and name himself?

2) Also in the tab "collections" and "setlists" the row of the selected song gets another colour when you select it, but this line colour is very faint on the screen and barely visible. Is it possible to change that colour to a more visible colour?

3) another idea: is it possible to make the columns items selectable for the individual user? Like by rightclicking on the columnheads that a popup come up where you can choose which column you want to see.
Speaking for myself, I don't use the column "albums" or "difficulty", so if those columns are invisible, I have more space on my screen for other information.

I hope you understand my suggestions, because English is not my native language.

Thanks in advance, Jerry
I can definitely look into adding those extra columns. I will have to look into the song color issue, as I never noticed that before. I made the displayed tabs configurable for the tablet in the next update, so I can also look into making them configurable in the companion app.

Thank you for the feedback,

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