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Annotation text size changes itself

after moving vom Fujitsu 10" (Android 4.1) to Samsung 12" (4.2.2) some (not all!! may be the newer ones?) text annotations are increased in size significantly (font size may be from 18 to 28 ... 90). So the text overlaps lyrics etc.

I used the backup made at the 10".

Samsung 12.2 Notepro has WQXGA. Should this affect the (compted?) size? Also, I found that the same text size (24 e.q.) differs in several songs. Sometimes 24 is shown quite large, sometime (freh new iserted in 12.2.) much to small?!

Remark: Android 4.2.2 doesn't allow to write to the external SD Card ...

Regards, Clark
The annotations code is designed to scale up or down as needed from it's original size during creation. Changing between tablets that have very different resolution/density screens is going to create a need for a greater amount of scaling. I'm not sure why you are seeing such a huge jump though. That definitely doesn't not sound right to me.

I'll definitely have to run some test with MobileSheetsPro to see if it also exhibits this behavior.

This seems similar to the issue I had where the text box drops down lower when I open a sheet with annotations, so it blocks part the chart (that had not been blocked when I created the annotation). I hope it is fixed in MS pro ('though I may have been the only one who reported this problem).

I have a similar problem after changing from my Medion 10.1" Tablet S10334, OS 4.4, to a Samsung Tablet 12.2" SM-P900, OS 4.4.2 . More precisely: I used a 24 Text Size in my original annotations, each in a fitting box. After opening the songs in MS and in MSP (it's the same for both versions) all annotations texts are much larger (still saying 24 pt) but the boxes remain the old size thus causing the text to protrude. To make it clear: the increase in text size is much more than what is to expect from 10.1" to 12.2". Now, when I activate the annotation tool in the new window, the box is also enlarged, now fitting the big text. If I simply hit OK to close this dialogue, the box will be small again. But if I first touch one of the boxes and then close the dialogue, the box will keep its enlarged size, thus fitting the enlarged text. Still, this is not what I want. I just wanted to report what exactly is happening. This size of annotations now is much too large in comparison to the sheet music. Mike, is there hope for a soon solution or will we have to change everything manually?

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