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Alternative song titles
Is there a way to add additional song titles in the Song editor?
At the moment I am copying the file and re-titling. Is this the best way?

Otherwise a field to add extra titles for songs so these also list (and are available for Collections, Albums, Setlists etc.) would be helpful and could be set up within one song and any edits would appear on all.
Copying and re-titling is definitely the best way. My design will not support having extra titles that would show up as separate songs (even though they are really just one).

I too have the issue with alternative names.  Celtic songs are notorious for being known by several different names depending on whether you're a fiddler, piper, harper, etc...plus there's frequently a Gaelic name too.   I don't want or need the alternatives to show up as separate songs in the library but I need to be able to search for them.  So I've used the fields "Custom" and "Custom 2" for my "AKA's".  I then add the Custom fields tags to the "Song Title Format" setting.  This allows me to find the alternative names via "Search All Fields". They will show up there under the original tune I set up.  

This works fine for me but is still a bit short of what I would like.  It would be nice to have a few fields actually labelled "AKA" (or something similar) under the song title.  That way I would still have a "Custom" and "Custom 2" field to use for other things.

This is kind of dumb but would it work if the custom fields search or AKA field used delimiters? So that the title could be entered along with an 'any' custom/AKA search that would find all instances of the song with one of those entries. [Not explained very well.]

Song = 0
Custom/aka = 1/2/3/4
This could allow each aka to be entered in one field, separated by the delimiter and searched [I think].

Song Title search = aka 4
Custom/AKA would = Any
Wouldn't this result in Song 0?
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I will consider adding an "Alternative Title" field that would be used for filtering/searching purposes. That wouldn't be too difficult to do.

Would you consider 2 of them?   Big Grin
Comma delimited field? Then it allows for any number of titles.
One reason why it would have been nice to have them listing in Songs is for alternative Brazilian or French titles. Then in a particular Collection for a band, it is listed with the song title it is known as; and if set to others, it makes sense to them.

However I have been making duplicates of the songs. Unfortunately the song count is incorrect with the backup folders on my computer because it does not have the duplicates (since I created them within MS) so my idea of a checksum does not work more. I can figure out a way around this but requires a little more work.

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