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Help! "Beta Expired"
Tonight I tried to launch MobileSheetsPro and get the popup:
"Beta Expired.  This beta installer has expired. If this is during an active beta, please check for the forums for information."

I thought I had the most recent beta.  But since I can't bring it up I can't check.
When i try to reinstall the latest -- which I think is 1.2.3(24) from March 29, it wants to download and save a ... video????
My screen turns upside down and it wants me to "Save Video as ...  HDV_1429669093443.mp4"

I had no MobilesheetsPro for my jam tonight!
How can I get it back?

If I uninstall and reinstall, how can I keep my current database? I backed it up a week or so ago but would prefer to
get it back as is.  


Have you purchased MobileSheetsPro off the app store yet? The beta officially is supposed to end on the 30th, so I'm not sure why you would you be receiving a message about it being out of date if you have the latest. Check this link: https://rink.hockeyapp.net/apps/d5727339...a305a4d5c4

You will see the option to download the installer if you are logged into HockeyApp. If you are unable to get the latest installer, let me know. I definitely want you to get the discount pricing on MobileSheetsPro, so consider purchasing soon if you are interested in buying it.

I did purchase it from the Android Play Store.
Stocked it with my last backup DB from my beta.

But the link to the beta you attached still sends me to download a video. Sounds fishy to me.
Attaching screen shot.

I would like to bring up the beta at least one more time and export the data to make sure i got any last changes.
However i *think* I got them all.

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I just sent you an email. I have no idea why a video is showing... very weird.

Just for the record, using the link supplied by Mike shows "No version available" - which is what I would expect after release.

I certainly don't get any offer to download a video (or anything else).

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