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midi macro for advance
Not sure if I'm alone on this or if it's possible but.....I use a Korg Kronos live. It organizes sounds in 3 ways: Performance (combination), Program (individual patches), and SETLIST (a combination). I use SETLIST for a number of reasons. In that mode the program change messages are different than in the others. A SETLIST contains 127 programs. Here's what I'm running into. I have them alphabetically organized by song title. If I change this order via adding in a song or removing one it throws all my sheets program changes off by 1 (or however many added). Then, of course, I need to go to each song after the new one and manually adjust.
 My question is this-can a macro of some sort be created so one could group advance program changes by a predetermined number? i.e.: highlight 6-7 songs/open the midi field and adjust.
That's a pretty specific type of functionality to add. It also assumes that only one kind of MIDI command is in use, as the different MIDI commands all take different arguments. Are you using only the KORG number command? If this is a type of issue that many users may encounter, I'm definitely open to adding something to address it, but otherwise I'm not really sure how to integrate it with the existing stuff in a non-confusing/cohesive way.

I am operating in 'generic' midi mode-it's not the proprietary Korg command. I'm not sure if others would find it useful. If they were organizing in a similar way, maybe? Not sure if there's enough Kronos users out there to make this worth spending time on. I can't speak for other new keyboards really.


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