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Can't zoom then pan in txt/chordpro files
If I import a text or chordpro file (.txt or .pro)
I can zoom but it only zooms to the center, I can't pan (move it over) after zooming.
I know we're encouraged to use cropping instead of zooming, but 
cropping doesn't seem to be an option for these non-image files.
(Song Editor, image preview doesn't have a crop button to the right of the image
but the "Reset Crop" and "Auto-Crop" buttons are there; they don't seem to have any effect).

Am I missing something?
I have a chordpro document that has short lines and tiny print, i want to zoom in to make
the text bigger, then be able to scroll up and down
Bring up the overlay and poss the A in the upper right. There you can adjust the individual elements. Chords, lyrics, line spacing, etc.

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(04-29-2015, 09:35 AM)DTownSMR Wrote: Bring up the overlay and poss the A in the upper right. There you can adjust the individual elements. Chords, lyrics, line spacing, etc.

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While this does work (thanks!) it's sort of obtuse and confusing for most users.
Doesn't seem limited to chord pro files, by the way.

But overall it's a nit and i'll learn.... love MobileSheetsPro!

A chord pro file is just a bunch of text. How it is displayed is completely up to the application that reads the words. When you load the chord pro file in MobileSheets, I am generating an image from it by applying the text settings in the dialog that you now know about. I still support zooming on this image, and panning (tap the panning icon at the bottom of the overlay), but if you want larger font, the best way to go about this is by setting up the text file display properties to use a larger font. If you are saying that it makes more sense to increase the font size dynamically when a pinch zoom occurs, this would have unintended consequences like causing a relayout of every page and potentially changing the number of pages.

You can access the default text file settings when other file types are loaded, but not specific text file settings (such as the ability to transpose). If you know you like your text files to use a certain size font, just set it up as the default before importing files. You can also apply the new settings to existing files through that dialog.

(04-30-2015, 05:15 PM)Zuberman Wrote: ...panning (tap the panning icon at the bottom of the overlay)

Aha! That was it. Zooming was enabled by default (pinching) but i couldn't move it with my finger after that, which was confusing. Still might be confusing for new users, but I imagine it keeps some other unintended things from happening by turning it off be default.

I'm thinking about introducing a couple of changes:

1) Pinch zooming with a text or chord pro document displayed will display a popup showing what the current text size is, and as you zoom in/out, the letter will change size to indicate what the new size will be. I think this makes more sense than allowing a normal zoom. This emulates more like what a Kindle does.
2) By default, zooming and panning will no longer be saved, and it will be possible to pan just by scrolling in the center of the screen. I will leave the current panning icon so that people who don't want panning enabled can disable it. To save zoom/pan settings, it will be necessary to either tap a save icon or go into the zoom/pan settings dialog to initiate a save.
3) I will offer a setting for faster zooming by disabling the high quality zoom. For users that are frequently zooming and don't need the higher quality zooming, this would result in zooms without any delays.

I'd like to hear people's thoughts on any or all of these.

Makes sense. My original post intent was that after zooming, the text slides to the left as the zooming is centered..so panning lets you slide the text back into view. just changing the text size would probably make the panning not necessary in most cases. Smile

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