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Failure when changing pages
I noticed this bug already in the last version.
Just installed the 1.1 and it's still bugging.

If you use the page slider to go to an end of even a 20 page pdf file
- then go somewhere else


- then another place the little circle will spin indefinitely.

Only workaround for the time being is to quit the application and relaunch....

Must be a memory problem within the program I think? Idea

Just realized I started an unnecessary thread although on my version with Airturn attached there is still a problem :
I tried reproducing this using v1.1.1, and was unable to on my Nexus 10. When you say "then go somewhere else", you just mean change to other pages within the same song, right? Hopefully this problem is either addressed or can be easily reproduced.

Yes pages in the same file (pdf). Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12,2 (the biggie)!
The workaround is to quit the program and relaunch.
Cross your fingers for my recital in Valenciennes tonight!!!
Does it do this with any file you've tried? I'm having no luck on any of my tablets (which I guess is a good thing).
I even reduced the file size, and yes I've tried many different files.
It may be that I use the annotations, both colors and text as I've mentioned before extensively.
I took screen shots and recompiled but this came up again.
Also I'm using "fit to screen" and changing often from Portrait to Landscape mode.
You can jump ahead fine, once.
The back again also once.
But if you try a third time it goes into "SPINNY WHEEL" mode.
I have the same problem on my Samsung 12.2... It's a PDF with 38 pages and a lot of annotations...
I'm working on fixing this right now. This could be related to other issues with pages not rendering as well, but using the page slider is definitely the easiest way to trigger this bug.

I've fixed the bug. I'll try to get an update together later today. Thanks for the help!
Thanks for the fix. The program worked just wonderfully last night I'm sending along a picture, you can see the pedal and the tablet on the stand!
As usual here in France always skeptical and certainly a little behind in high tech, the stage hand said just before the beginning of the concert - "what if you run out of battery during the performance".
I gave him my "canned response" what it the fuses for your lights explode during the performance?

And guess what major fuse problem during the concert and no problem on my end Smile Smile Smile

I know you've fixed the bug but while compiling the next program I noticed a glitch with the rendering. In landscape mode "adjust image to screen". If I have an annotation made with "surbrillance" (in French must be highlight in English?) which I use to "erase" unused text and such, the annotations disappear for a half second or so while changing from portrait to landscape view.
May be part of the problem?

In any case waiting for the update. Shy

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Just downloaded the update and tested on some files in both Italian and Portrait mode with lots of annotations.
Seems to have been fixed GREAT work Mike Shy
Excellent, thanks for letting me know!

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