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Annontations suddenly disabled?
I'm fairly new to MobileSheets, so I'm not sure if accidently disabled something. I was going through the manual and trying out some annotations to a file - some text for fingerings, and some highlighters at the repeat signs. I exited without saving, and when I opened up another file to annotate, nothing in annotation mode works. All the toolbars are there, and I can select tools and change the settings, but zooming doesn't work and none of the tools work - basically nothing responds to touch in that mode. I've rebooted and annotations work in other PDF apps, but not in MobileSheets anymore. Did I accidentally whack something? Is there a default reset? The tablet is a generic Insignia, running 4.0.3.

That is extremely odd bradben. I've definitely never experienced that behavior. There isn't a setting in the application that would disable the creation of new annotations. You can turn off the visibility of annotations while viewing a song type tapping a button at the top left of the image overlay, but this shouldn't affect the annotation editor. Does this same behavior happen with any PDF you try to use? Does it also happen with songs that use image files instead of PDF? Or does it just not work anymore period?
Hey Zuberman,

I uploaded a jpg, and am seeing the same behavior with that file along with the rest of the pdf's in my library (only about 50 so far). I can still add/remove bookmarks and links, and create/edit setlists, collections, etc - just no annotations.

Since I don't have a lot of time invested in setting this up yet, I don't mind doing an uninstall/reinstall. Just didn't know if there was a configuration setting somewhere that affected this.

Definitely make sure you backup your library to save yourself time if you uninstall/reinstall. I'm sorry you are having to go through the hassle though. I can't even begin to imagine what caused that problem.
You have to disable the stylusmode
This same thing just happened to me.. No response from any annotations. I can selct them, change parameters but nothing works.
Can you check to see if you have stylus mode enabled by tapping the circle at the top left? If it's enabled, you have to disable it in order for touch events to be processed.

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