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Hey Mike
First, I'd like to say great job with the program. I just played one of my doctoral recitals fully tech'ed out, and it was great. It allowed me to play one piece almost completely in the dark, which my professor wanted to do for the effect.
One thing that did happen though, is my tablet turned from page 5 or so of one piece, to page 5 of another piece in the same set list (even though I decided not to use the set list for the recital). When that happened, I closed out that piece, and opened it again, and turned back to get it to the correct placement (luckily between movements). When this happened, the bluetooth cut off, and I had to manually turn the pages which was ok for that piece
I did get the pedal back working fine for the rest of the recital, but that baffled me a little bit! Is there a way that you can manage the bluetooth connection through MS? Maybe to keep it open/active
There is an option in MobileSheets to try to disable/enable bluetooth connectivity in order to allow use of the keyboard. I would strongly advise turning off this feature if you want the connection to stay active the entire time. I basically have to keep enabling/disabling bluetooth when you load/exit a song, which can be flaky sometimes. Unfortunately, this means you can't use the virtual keyboard for anything, but because of the way bluetooth input from pedals is handled, there is no way around this. I'll see what I can do to improve the code for that though so that the connection isn't lost in the middle of a performance.

As for the turning of one piece to another, that's bizarre. I'll have to see if I can reproduce that. Thanks for bringing it up.
Thanks. I'll check into that, and make sure that I have that feature disabled. I think it might have been. What might need to do is make sure that I uncheck this in performances, but in rehearsals keep it on, so that I can make whatever marks I may need.
If it helps, I had all of my recital pieces in a set list at one time. I loaded them all a few days prior when doing a run through, but decided not to use the set list for some reason. At the recital, I opened the first piece (Mozart Oboe Concerto) as normal, and turned from the end of the first movement to the 2nd movement, and another piece (Shinohara Obsession) showed up, and not even the beginning, but midway through which I thought was odd! It was the last piece though, and the second to last page on that piece if I recall correctly. I fixed the problem though, while my pianist was playing the coda.

Again, thanks

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