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I have a question/request about stamps. Have you looked any further into normalizing some of the sizes of stamps? Some of them are incredibly large! (forte/piano are a couple), And if so, do we need to send you data about what size we are normally resizing for each?
In addition, could it be possible to have a notehead (both open and closed) without a stem? I've had to add or change chord tones, and having too many stems there can be awkward looking!
Hello Ron,

Yes, I have looked into this. I'm going to be replacing my current way of doing things (using image files) with a font. The music symbols will just be characters this way. Most other popular music programs do it this way, as the symbols scale much better as a font. This could mess up people's current annotations though, so I'm not sure what I should do regarding that. I guess I'll have to ask users if they are willing to redo their stamp annotations in order to have much higher quality stamps, or if I should try to support both (which would clutter up the UI and make it more confusing). Thoughts?

Would there be a way to leave the "legacy" stamps in a menu off of the new ones (maybe similar to the fonts menu)? That way, when we go to replace the old stamps, we could see what we had where and replace them without having to remember where the old ones were.
I think what I will do is try to convert legacy stamps to the new ones automatically. I will just have to do a lot of testing to make sure I translate between the two properly.
sounds like a plan!

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