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Easy Switch Back and Forth From Score
We classical musicians of course need our parts in front of us, but often it also is useful to refer to the score, especially for chamber music but also sometimes for full orchestra music.

I don't know how you could do this, but if there were some way to have a button that let you switch from the file that is on the screen to a second file, then back again, I'd like that. (Or maybe a gesture that did the same thing, although you'd have to be REAL careful that the gesture couldn't be invoked accidentally.)

Of course, if there were some way for it to switch to the same place in the score that you are in the part, that would be ideal. But I don't think that could ever happen until computers are actually able to read music, which seems a long way off.

Anyway, the instant switching back and forth between two files would be nice.
Right now, I support the concept of pausing a setlist to load a temporary song. This can be seen if a setlist is loaded, the setlist window is brought up, the icon of a person with a pause symbol is tapped. I could utilize this same feature with a new option. If a temporary song is loaded, and the back button is hit, that temporary song is remembered. If the icon to load a temporary song is long pressed, it would reload the temporary song again. Would that meet your needs?

One way to make that a little quicker would be to add support for a new tap and pedal action for "Switch to temporary song". If this action is invoked with no previously loaded temporary song, it would bring up the search dialog. If it's invoked with a previously loaded song, it would just switch back to that. If the pedal or tap action is used while the temporary song is up, it will switch back to the original without clearing the temporary song. If the back button is used, it will clear the temporary song so that another one can be loaded instead. If the original song is exited, the temporary song is cleared. Thoughts?

That would work great. Thanks.

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