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Minor nits on your website
1. On your home page, the headline says that version 4.0.5 is released, and then goes on to describe the new features in 4.0.4 Smile (I am guessing you changed your mind at the last second on making a new version number for the "set list load" fix.)

2. On the Downloads page, you mention that the installer supports Windows XP, Vista and 7. I assume it would also run on Windows 8? ("normal", not RT)

3. On that same page, you list the current Companion version as 1.4.3.

4. You should include a link on the Downloads page for your Nook version Smile

Okay, I am done picking nits for now Smile

- Mike
1. I actually did just release a 4.0.5 with the last fixes for deleting setlists. I don't plan on releasing another update for at least 2-4 weeks, so I wanted to make sure there weren't any outstanding bugs.

2. I actually don't know if the companion app runs on Windows 8. I would assume so, but I don't have my Windows 8 environment set up yet. I'm waiting to get a new Windows 8 laptop/tablet hybrid so I can begin development on MobileSheets for Windows 8 at some point.

3. Thanks - fixed it.

4. True, I've been a little lazy about that.

I've also added download badges for Amazon and NOOK to make it look a little nicer.

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