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Additional column displayed

I´ve created a new user defined group called "Werknummer" (works number).
In Mobile Sheets Pro this group can be displayed in the header.
Is it possible to display this attribute as an additional column in the overview of MobileSheetsCompanion? This would make it much easier to controll if I have assigned this attribute to all files and to identify errors.
The same applies for Setlist, and Collection.

Kind regards,

In the German Version:
A click into Titel-Format will open a sheet where you can select all fields.

Viel Erfolg. Wink
13" - Point of View POV_TAB-P1325, Android 4.1.1
13" - Point of View POV_TAB-I1345, Android 5.1.1
Microsoft Surface Pro 4; Windows 10
Phone: Motorola Moto G3, Android 6.0
Hi Vibraphon,

thank you for the reply.
Unfortunately your suggestion didn´t help.

For me it would be ideal to have the possibility to configure the order of the different attributes/columns of the song list. (see red box in the attachment)

Changing the "Song-Listen-Format" didn´t change the columns in MSPC. To be honest, I couldn`t find where the changes in the "Song-Listen-Format" are displayed at all.

Kind regards,


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I believe you can drag the columns left and right to reorder them. The problem is that the order is not saved. This is additional code that I would need to add at some point to monitor when the reordering occurs, and to enforce that ordering at startup.
It´s correct that I can change the order of the columns by drag and drop.
It would be great if you could add to your enhancement list that the changed order can be saved.
Additionally it would be great if every file attribute could be displayed in this list. At the moment only a certain selection of attributs is available.

Kind regards,

I agree, I would like the ability to add and remove the columns on the Companion that match the items on the app.  I don't use all the ones and have created a custom line that I would like to be able to see on the Companion just like I do on the app.  I have 18 lines that I could complete if I upload via the app, and only 8 column headers on the Companion.  Is there a way to add / remove columns?

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The next update for the companion includes the ability to add/remove tabs just like the tablet as well as the ability to add/remove/reorder columns in the main view. This is all already finished and ready for release - it's just currently being held up by me needing to finish the update for the tablet.

Great news! I'm looking forward to the update. I hope it can be released soon.


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