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Clash with Epson XP-315?

I have been using Mobile Sheets for several years with no problems.  I am a fan.  I installed an Epson XP-315 WiFi printer/scanner onto my Win7 PC (connected via WiFi), and discovered that Mobile Sheets on my tablet would only synch with Mobile Sheets Companion on the Win7 PC, when the printer was turned off.   I lived with that.

More recently I upgraded to Mobile Sheets Pro, again with no problems.  However, after a new clean install of Win7 on my PC, I find that I can't synch between Mobile Sheets Pro Companion and my tablet.   This is a problem specific to my Win7 PC, since I can synch perfectly well with my Win8.1 PC (that doesn't have much installed on it, and in particular, it doesn't have the drivers for the XP-315 printer).

Any ideas on this?  Perhaps I could change the port number for the synch connection? (How to do this?)  Or am I on the wrong track?

Thanks and regards,
Hi Mark,

Sorry for the delay in answering your questions. There are usually three things you should first look into:

1) Windows Firewall - You need to either disable Windows Firewall or unblock MobileSheetsPro companion. To do this, go to Control Panel->Windows Firewall->Allow a program through Windows Firewall->MobileSheetsPro (check both boxes).

2) Anti-Virus Software - Either disable the anti-virus software or allow ports 8888 (UDP), 16568 and 16569 (TCP)

3) Router - Sometimes simply rebooting the router can fix connection issues.

Let me know if none of those help and I will see if I can offer additional suggestions.


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