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MobileSheetsPro 1.2.2 and MobileSheetsPro companion 2.1.8 Released
I just released MobileSheetsPro 1.2.2 and the companion pro 2.1.8.  The list of changes for 1.2.2 can be found below. The most significant change is that I have gone back to using the previous PDF renderer to eliminate graphical problems.

MobileSheetsPro 1.2.2
- Fixed issue with printing PDFs through PrinterShare (only one PDF at a time is supported)
- Fixed issue with the share feature deleting files before external programs can use them (i.e. email attachments don't work)
- Fixed issue with some annotation tables not being cleared after deleting a song
- If a chord pro or text file is modified, MobileSheetsPro will now check for encoding changes
- Fixed issue with the vertical scrolling display mode where it would sometimes not scroll back to the top of the first page
- Fixed issue with the first line of text files being forced to be the title
- Switched back to the old PDF renderer to fix various reported graphical issues
- Fixed issue with repeated chorus sections not using the chorus font size
- The go to next song and go to previous song touch actions now always go to the next/previous song in the last viewed library song list if not in a setlist
- Fixed issue with exporting to the root DropBox directory

In this update, it's imposible create a song with a multiple pages PDF. I only see the firts page of the PDF. I hope this error was solved soon. Thanks
Hp Slate pro 12. Airturn ped
I'll take care of it ASAP. I only tested with batch importing and using the import->Local File. If you use those, you will see all pages of the PDF.

Yes, but it's not possible change the pages order in pdf view, and I need it!. Can you help me? Thanks, Mike
Hp Slate pro 12. Airturn ped

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