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Recent updates to MS Pro - can't detect USB connection?
I'm running MS Pro 1.2.4 and Companion Pro 2.1.9 but since the last couple of updates, USB Sync to PC has stopped working. Despite connecting using the same USB cable and through the same port, the MS status on my tablet doesn't change from 'Waiting for USB connection'.

My tablet is a Toshiba Excite 13 running Android 4.0.3, I've tried rebooting the tablet and connecting to a different USB port but with no joy. I can use Wifi mode for uploading sheet music but prefer USB mode because it's the only mode that can back up my 6 GB library without crashing. Any ideas for what could be going wrong Mike (or anyone else)?
I didn't modify the USB connection code at all, so I'm not really sure why it would have stopped working for you. I will give it a try and see if I encounter any issues. On a side note, you didn't update the drivers your computer is using for your tablet, did you? This could affect the USB connectivity. Also, double check that USB debugging is enabled.

It appears as though the latest installer is no longer bundling the adb.exe file required for the USB connectivity. I will have to fix that. I've actually done a lot of research and I have an idea about how I may be able to get USB connectivity to work without this hack, but haven't had time to explore it yet. Can you double check and see if adb.exe exists in your MS Pro installation directory?

I just tested it out, and once I copied the adb.exe file over, the usb connection worked.
adb.exe was already in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Zubersoft\MobileSheetsProCompanion\tools directory. I tried copying it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Zubersoft\MobileSheetsProCompanion but that made no difference.

I'm sure USB connectivity was working fine until Companion Pro 2.1.7 or thereabouts and I haven't made any changes to my Excite 13's drivers. The tablet is still detected in Windows Explorer as an MTP device and I have no trouble copying files over to it. Yes, USB debugging is enabled too.
Can you try switching to PTP to see if that makes any difference? This is in the tablet settings under storage (tap the overflow menu at the top right to access the USB connection settings).
No, PTP doesn't make any difference unfortunately - MS Pro's connection status remains on 'Waiting for USB connection'.
Hi Mike,

A member of the Korg PA600 forum made this observation, can you respond so I can ease the Korg member's concerns, I will post whatever you choose to say-or not;

"If some applications (MobilesheetPro, AudioPlayer) crashes and are not able to work with os-upgrades, wheras most applications and functions are better to use as before - maybe not to blame updates, better look what does it mean if applications does not have permissions.
On my mind application in this case must be Device Administrator to have permission - maybe applications did not activate its licences to get permission. Without licence you have no access to activate the API, without API application crashes.
I think applications has to use/update DeviceRestrictionPolicies of API - nothing else."

Thanks for your continued support Mike,


Dave M.
That is all incorrect - it has nothing to do with our applications not being able to work with os upgrades. I'm using the common method for connecting through USB that Google provides: http://developer.android.com/reference/a...nager.html

I just call requestPermission with the intent generated by connecting the USB device. I'm sure AudioPlayer is doing the same thing. It's what you have to do to get permission to communicate with the connected device over USB. Nothing should have changed with this as a result of updating to 5.1.1. My Nexus 10 is running 5.1.1 and it connects to devices over MIDI just fine. That points to Samsung as being the one at fault here with the custom changes they have made to the operating system (and this is not the first time they have created this kind of problem).

If that person would like more examples of problems they have caused, not only for users but Google themselves (they made Google refactor code that they shouldn't have been using in the first place), I can gladly provide them. OS upgrades are never guaranteed to make "applications and functions better to use".


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