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Thinking of an iPad Pro?
So I got an iPad Pro yesterday. I'm 70, and the bigger the music is the better.

Thought you might like to see the comparison between the Pro and my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. As you can see, the screen depth is virtually identical, but the Pro is significantly wider. Looks a little clearer, but it's hard to tell. Of course, the music can fill the screen without having to be scaled, which is nice.

As a relevant note, when I first switched from my old iPad to the Samsung for its bigger screen, I grumped a little about MobileSheets compared with forScore. Now that I'm used to it, I am grumping about forScore because it doesn't work like MobileSheets. So go figure.

[Image: iPad%20Samsung%20Comparison.png?dl=0]
Comparison Photo
The photo sure makes the difference between a 4:3 screen and a 16:9 screen clear.
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Yes. A 4:3 Samsung with MobileSheets would be perfect.  ForScore lags badly when doing annotations and is VERY squirrelly and unreliable when cropping pages. I hope some of this is just because of the bigger iPad and forScore will make revisions, but, if not, I'm inclined to stick with Samsung and MobileSheets even with the smaller screen.
I did read an article that Samsung was developing 4:3 models, but they didn't mention the 13" size. Supposedly the industry thinks people only use their tablet for watching movies so they make them in 16:9 aspect. I'm not a fan of Apple, but they got this one right by making their models 4:3.
Finally A4 digital sheet music reader. Surprised Apple had a balls to release iPad Pro.
There's also great competition/choice among iOS sheet music apps.
Still waiting for 13inch eink reader with Bluetooth.

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