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Export and re-import annontations
After a "too-close-for-comfort"  moment when Mobilesheets crashed yesterday after an update,  I am hoping for an option to be able to export the annontated file,  which I can then print and bring to a concert.  Currently I make screen shots which I print  and bring to a concert just in case.  I haven't yet needed it,  phew!   
Though last week I had a scare that stopped the rehearsal during a dress rehearsal: I turned a page and that page showed up black with only the annontations but no notes! Turning back and forth didn't help,  just restarting the program did.  I am slightly worried that might happen at a performance! 

In addition I  would like to be able to reload annontated files back into mobile sheets and be able to change the old annontations. This so I don't have to store all of my music in mobilesheets but can keep it in google drive. 

I LOVE mobilesheets,  and rely on it every day.  Thanks for all your work.
You actually can export your annotations with the latest version. Just long press the song on the library screen and select "Share->Export Files" and it will write out the PDF with annotations intact. As for MobileSheets being able to modify old annotations, that's something I have planned for the future but it's going to take a lot of work, as I'm basically going to have to convert PDF annotations back to MobileSheets annotations so they can be modified, then delete all the PDF annotations and replace them with the converted MobileSheets annotations.

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