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Quote:I’m teaching piano to a low vision student, and I’m wondering if one of these pedals paired with an iPad to enlarge the music would help him see the notes more clearly -as it is, he hunches forward and strains to see the notes , and loses his good posture.

Have you heard of others using this technology with students with low-vision with success?


Quote:That’s a good thought! I have not heard of this particular use case, but it could work. I wonder if there are good apps out there other than forScore – I think it would be possible with forScore, but the only way I can think of to do this would involve a lot of prep work. You could utilize the cropping feature so that the zooms are permanent, and then copy pages as needed so that each page is represented fully. It would be more page turns in the end, but I could see this working. I’m curious to know who else might have ideas on this…

Could MobileSheetsPro do this?
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I don't see any reason why MobilesheetsPro couldn't do that. You can use cropping to cause each page to appear much larger, and you could duplicate pages through the page order (1,1,2,2,3,3, etc) so that you can display only a half page at a time.


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