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link points to other songs?
I know that's not the intended use of link points so far but I was wondering if this would be difficult to implement to "pair" some songs for quick opening.

One use I can imagine would be linking a bigband or orchestra part to the complete score of the item. (Yes I know I can put both files in the song and use bookmarks, but link point seems neater).
Link points were designed in a very simple way. They only contain a source page and a destination page with no concept of supporting links to other songs. In order to support this, it would either require that I make massive changes to the way link points are implemented and stored in the database, or i will need to implement a separate capability similar to link points that can accomplish this. I'm already planning on providing a feature where you can drop an object on the score (could be a shape like circle or square or something more akin to a button) and then provide one or more actions for that object. My plan was to make this very flexible so that it can support a large range of actions, and one of those could be linking together two different songs in the library if this would be useful to people. I'm definitely open to feedback on other ideas though.

Ok, it's too much effort and not enough gain, I agree. But your button idea is interesting.let's see where that goes.

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