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Import Meta Data from Folder Structure
Hey Mike,

thank you for your great app!
Is there any news on when the old "import meta data from folder structure" from MS will return?
I spent several hours of work organizing dozens of books in the right structure and renaming files before I noticed that there was no option to import the meta data in the current MSP version.
Please let me know what your plans are regarding this feature. It would be a great time saver for me and many others!

Best regards!
I'll see if I can work on getting that in the next update. I know a lot of people have wanted that capability. My goal will be to make it so it can key off of directory structures or file names based upon provided keywords. By that, I mean that you would provide something like:


if you had your directories set up in that fashion. Multiple values will be supported if the directory is delimited with a semi-colon. For file names, I'm thinking the only way it would work well would be to have enforced separators for values, such as:


where the values for those fields must be surrounded by brackets (and delimited by semi-colons if there are multiple values).

I'm open to feedback as well.

Thankfully there are some tools out there that semi-automatically put files together in folders that correspond with the old MS feature.
To have that same feature back would serve me perfectly well at the moment.
But in the long run the solution you mentioned above will surely be more flexible and provide the right workflow for everybody's needs.

A big thumbs-up for your work and support!

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