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Cant import files

i just got a new Android Tablet and installed the fee Mobile Sheets version. After downloading a vocal score as pdf, i tried to import it into mobilesheet but it doesnt work. I tried to import 2 other different files, one with 200 pages, one with 3 pages. Both didnt work. So could anyone help me? I cannot tell you the exact massage because it is in German, but it says something like:" error at opening pdf file ......".

Thank you for any help!
If this is a new tablet running Android 6.0, it's possible you need to provide permissions for the application to access your storage. To do this, go to your tablet settings, then apps, then tap on MobileSheetsPro, then tap on permissions, and grant the storage permission (and contacts if you want to use Google Drive). This is something I'm going to be fixing in the next update so this permission is automatically requested.

If that isn't the issue, let me know.

Wouldn't it be nice if Google stopped moving the goalposts!!

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It's more like Lucy's holding the ball for the kick.
(06-13-2016, 05:43 AM)BRX Wrote: It's more like Lucy's holding the ball for the kick.

Hello zuberman,

it worked, i have the permission to the App now I can Import files. Thank you very much. But I new problem occurs. How would I set a mark for Let's say page 54 and page 233? Is that possible ? I didn't find any Button for this.
I'm not sure what you mean by setting a mark. Do you want to create a link point that jumps between those pages? Or do you want the song to only use those two pages?

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