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Open Songs from Setlist Edit Window
Sorting songs manually in a setlist is probably what everybody does usually. Criteria for the sequence can be the key, the "mood", "speed", rhythm, capo position... This manual sorting process would gain from the song opening when you click on it in Setlist Edit Mode. Currently one has to leave the Edit Mode to e.g. check the key, or the capo position (minimum moving of the capo is always a goal). Would this be difficult to do? (open song from setlist edit window and return to that window when closing the song, alternatively going to next or previous song in the list, depending on touch point).
Does having the search filters showing help with you want? The show/hide is at the top right.
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Thanks, yes, I had thought of that. Not sure it would help much with my way of working though: I "throw" all songs that I think make sense into a setlist (say, "Campfire Songs Vol. I") and then look at the sequence once they're all in there. Sorting would be much quicker if I was able to open the song to check its key or capo. I don't maintain either (key or capo) as meta data. Even if I did, and used the filter to display only e.g. Capo 1 songs, I would still miss opening songs from the setlist editor I am sure. To avoid opening it when you only want to move it in the list, perhaps a long touch would work. If this is possible at all that is.
I'd also suggest to use MSP's abilities of title and subtitle formatting so you have key, tempo or other criteria show in the edit screen. Less need to open a song to check.

But I have more suggestions for the setlist editor. I'd like the option to show the numbers of the setlist in the non edit view for the setlist as well. Even more I'd like to be able to edit the order by editing the numbers directly, like typing/changing no. 15 of the list to no. 2 and it moves to that place and the rest down accordingly.
@BRX, that is true, however, I currently prefer the "cleanness" of just having Artist and Song name in the title. Only when I sort a setlist do "key" and "capo" become relevant. I maintain Artist, Title, Genre, Year, Tempo, for >1800 songs (Genre and Year are meaningful Tabs to me), more "admin" than absolutely necessary would endanger my marriage.
Reg. your request, a long touch that releases the song from its fixed position and allows to drag & drop to a different position would work, too, I think. There is a small edit window in the bottom toolbar that allows this, maybe this actually the solution to my request, come to think of it. I rarely use that small "pop-up window" though it's good to have it available. The comfort of the full sized setlist editor is preferred obviously.
Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but MSP already works this way. I suggested “numberediting“ as additional option since dragging can be tedious with long setlists.

Regarding “cleanliness“, I'm wishing for an easy way to switch between different templates for title format (as well for often used filters) for the same reason. Don't have
Mike on board yet, though.
@BRX, somehow I thought you referred to the Setlist screen itself (changing the sequence there would be handy) but you indeed wrote setlist editor, so yes, that's the drag & drop area, of course. Typing in the new position # would be useful with long setlists, I agree. The templates for title formating, while nice to have, would add more complexity; me, I haven't missed that concept yet, probably because I use 4 fields only, plus the setlist field.
BRX - it's not that I'm not on board, I just have hundreds of enhancement requests logged at the moment and it takes a lot of time for each little modification (especially with the UI design and translations).

Ben - unfortunately, opening a song from the setlist editor really isn't an option with the current design. I could exit the setlist editor, load the song, and when the song is exited, return to the setlist editor, but it might feel a little jarring to do that with all the screen transitions.
No worries, sorting songs in the setlist editor, while not super smooth with long lists, works as is.
If I have to look up capo, key or whatever the criterion for placing a song in a particular position is, I leave the edit window for a moment and return again, not a big deal really.

I second BRX though with his suggestion to edit the sequence number. This would faciliate the sorting process, too.
Long pressing the number and you're in edit mode would be perfect.
One of a zillion little features on your (or rather our) wish list...

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