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[1.5.8] "Repeat Mode" issues
Hi Mike

I am currently encountering the following 2 problems with the "Repeat Mode" option.
When it is turned "off", the first page of a setlist is dispayed after paging past the last page of the setlist. It should stop at the last page of the setlist as the repeat mode option is indeed turned off in this situation.
When it is "on", I cannot page past any song in the setlist with two or more pages in it. Paging single page songs works ok.
(Also here the first page of the setlist is displayed after paging past the last. Which in this case is of course ok.)

This is happening on a device running android 4.4.4, in landscape mode, displaying two pages side by side.

Thanks for looking into this.

HP Slate 21-Android 4.4.2, HP Slate 17-Android 4.4.4, Onda Air 10" (backup tablet) Android 4 / Windows 10
Yamaha Genos, Roland PK-6, Yamaha PSR SX900
Unfortunately, I can't reproduce any of the problems you've described here. I opened a setlist containing a variety of songs of different lengths, and experienced the exact same behavior regardless of the number of pages. I am tapping to turn pages, not using a pedal. If you are using a pedal, verify that you don't have the "Prevent Pedal From Changing Songs" setting set. When I reach the end of a setlist and tap to turn the page (with either the single page turn or two page turn) it just shows me that it's the end of the setlist - it does not change the page back to the first. I'm not sure why we are seeing such different behavior. If you want me to use a library backup containing your settings, that might help.

Hi Mike,

I am not using pedals. Just tapping to turn Pages.
I sent you a regular mail with a library backup

HP Slate 21-Android 4.4.2, HP Slate 17-Android 4.4.4, Onda Air 10" (backup tablet) Android 4 / Windows 10
Yamaha Genos, Roland PK-6, Yamaha PSR SX900
With Rudy's help, I was able to track down what is going on here. I'm going to post information here just in case it is useful to anyone else who might run into this. First, the following combination of settings were involved:

1) Repeat Mode - enabled
2) Automatically Load Next Song - enabled
3) Always Load Whole Setlist - disabled

With that combination of settings, if an individual song is loaded from a setlist, it will be loaded by itself. If the song is one page, you will be able to advance to the next song. If the song is more than one page, it will repeat itself (because repeat mode is enabled). This is an error in my logic - because repeat mode is enabled, I don't believe you should be able to advance past the song at all, regardless of the "Automatically Load Next Song" setting, because you have set it up so that the current song should repeat itself. I'm going to fix this for the next update so the behavior is consistent regardless of the number of pages. A message will be shown though indicating that the end of the song has been reached.

If repeat mode is disabled, it's possible to get to the end of the setlist (by advancing one song at a time) and then wrap back to the start. That's because the "Automatically Load Next Song" is designed to do that - it will continually cycle through whatever list was last shown on the library screen. I believe this behavior is correct and I don't plan on changing it.

I believe most users will want to either disable repeat mode, or enable the "Always Load Whole Setlist" setting in order to get behavior that makes sense.


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