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Emergency - help please
Hi Mike and anyone else...

As recently stated in a another thread, I'm running MSP on DuOS Android 4.2.2 on an Acer Aspire Z1-621 (Windows 8.1).
I just tried to boot everything and while trying to load DuOS (in which MSP runs), I got the error message:
"Cannot find the Virtual Machine".

Obviously, I've been searching for a solution via DuOS, but every suggestion I've found from the DuOS people is to re-install DuOS, which will wipe all the programs and data stored. This includes my MSP program and ALL the scores stored in it. I just checked and (of course) my last full backup was 9 days ago, and I've added and annotated a shi*t-load of scores since then.

So I pleadingly ask, is there anyway I can pull a copy of the database or file where my MSP data is stored before I have to loose everything???

I have huge cast of people waiting for me tonight who expect to rehearse and, at the moment, that's impossible.

Thanks you so much for any help...desperate here!!
The problem is that, unless you stored the files in a shared folder, Windows won't be able to access the files. If DuOS operates like other emulators, it probably stores the entire Android file system in a single binary file on Windows. That means you would have no easy way to extract your files out of that binary file. There is something you could try though.... If you look under C:\Users\<logged-in-user>\.DuOS you may see the files that are being used by DuOS. That folder is hidden by default so you may have to type in the .DuOS part manually. If you can locate a single large file, that might be where everything is stored. You could try backing up this entire folder, reinstalling DuOS, and then either replacing the entire folder or at least replacing the one large file that might be the Android file system. I'm not an expert on DuOS, so this is about all I can offer.
I just found this:

If you would like to backup&restore users data and application data to another machine it is possible. Please do perform the below steps

1. Kindly take a backup of datafs.vdi&sdcard.vdi files present in C:\Users\<logged-in-user>\.DuOS

2. Now install the same version of AMIDuOS(the Android version needs to be same ,for correct restore of data) in the other machine.

Please find the offline installers here

If you would like to restore the data of Lollipop version of AMIDuOS to Lollipop version itself, install the latest version of Lollipop Pro(

3. Launch AMIDuOS and perform gapps update with correct version of gapps package. Refer this link for help on gapps update.

4. Once the update is completed, close AMIDuOS and replace the (datafs.vdi&sdcard.vdi) files present in C:\Users\<logged-in-user>\.DuOS with previous backed up files

5. Launch AMIDuOS and wait till the completion of initialization and optimization of apps (this may take long depending the size of the apps and data)

.DuOS folder will be hidden by default


I think you might be able to give that a try. If things aren't completely stable after doing that, I would suggest generating a library backup, and then perform a fresh reinstall.
Hi Mike and everyone,

Sorry for my delayed reply...it took a while to get back up and running. I was able to to follow the above instructions, with the exception that I was automatically updated to Android version 5.1.1. The FIRST thing I did was make a complete backup of my MSP library (yea!) and nothing was lost. I had to search to tweak bunch of settings that were different, but got everything re-installed eventually, even with a different Android version than the one I'd been using.

If anyone has a similar problem, I'd be glad to help with more details of the fix.

Thanks again Mike, you're a hero :-)

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