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Insert images
Would it be possible to insert an image when in annotation mode ?

When playing  I usually play the same part all through, but from time to time it does happen that a couple of bars should be played from a different part(i.e. when playing reed-1, it could happen that I have to play some bars from the Reed-2 sheet).

What I have done so far is chopping the two parts up in a lot op snippets and re-working the order in the playlist. This is REALLY cumbersome if it is just for one or 2 pars, but it does get the job done. 
If would be much nicer if I could just insert a (relative) small jpg with those bars in the annotator.
This has been brought up before, so there are other forum posts that can provide more details. The bottom line is that, yes, I should be able to support this, but it's going to be destructive, meaning that once you paste that image, it's going to be embedded in the file instead of managed as an annotation. I don't want to store the entire image in the database, and I don't want to store extra image files on the device itself, so the only way for this to work is to embed the pasted image inside the file. With PDFs, this is just a type of annotation, so it shouldn't be a big deal. With image files, I would have no choice but to paste the image on top of whatever is already there. I wouldn't be able to support it with text/chord pro files at all (they would have to first be converted to PDF).

Once I support editing annotations that are inside the PDF itself, that would provide a mechanism to paste the images and still have some control over them. I'm not sure exactly when I'm going to tackle this though.


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