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Sounds good Mike. I really wasn't expecting this to happen in v5, so that's a real bonus.

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Just to clarify. Are we talking about a midi file player? If yes I assume stock Android sounds or ? The sounds in iReal b are almost passable but may be a part of the app?

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I am talking about support for MIDI messages. This allows you to set instruments on a keyboard when a song is loaded for example, or to load a song when a certain MIDI message is received from a keyboard.

NeoCZ - the features you mentioned are not going to be supported in version 5.0.0. To be honest, I hadn't even thought about adding support for those kinds of actions when MIDI commands are received. Having said that, it wouldn't be very difficult to add support for invoking actions in that manner. The only parts that would take time would be adding a separate screen for entering MIDI commands that are listened for that correspond to actions that effect every song (turn a page, start the audio playback, etc), and the addition of new database tables to store the MIDI commands to listen for.

Thanks, Playing midi files is not at all important.. just curious. Appreciate your timely response.

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I don't know how much work would it take, but ability to control MS using MIDI commands would mean a lot to me.

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I've bought expensive midi contollable effect-pedals...would be great to set them up with the MS, I heavyly use....Big Grin
I'm really interested in the same and actually purchased a bunch of circuit components to make a MIDI to Bluetooth device. I haven't had time to try to get it working and ran into some snags with how to configure the bluetooth chip (RN42 Roving Networks Bluetooth module). The hardware device that I'm trying to build is simple a passthrough device. I plan to put it in my rack and would like to configure patch changes that get kicked off from MobileSheets. Patch change events would be sent to a named/paired bluetooth device when a song PDF is first displayed on the tablet. In my case, the device would be a Bluetooth chip that passes the MIDI message directly to the serial port and through a MIDI circuit to a MIDI ports. I would be using a MOTU MIDI Express XT.

It would be nice to also configure patch changes within a song as maybe part of a page turn or Bluetooth pedal function. It should be fairly easy to send a MIDI message over Bluetooth from MobileSheets for someone who understands the Android Bluetooth libraries, something I'm not well versed in.

Basically the hardware flow would be:

Android Tablet (running MobileSheets) -> Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity -> Roving Networks RN42 Bluetooth Module -> Serial Port I/O -> MIDI Circuit for IN/OUT ports -> MOTU MIDI Express XT -> Keys and other midi devices.

I'm a long-time user of MobileSheets, several years now and I depend on it for live gigs.


(06-22-2013, 11:04 PM)NeoCZ Wrote: I've already spoke about this with Mike (admin) directly but I want to share my idea with others. It would be nice to be able to controll MobileSheets app using midi messages from my keyboard and/or to controll my keyboard from MobileSheets - send program change message when new song is selected...

What do others think?
This is good news. I've had the idea that you should be able to call up a song-either via MS or the keyboard and have the proper patch/setup on keys and song open-Can't wait!

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