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Link not working between cropped pages
There appears to be a problem creating a link from one page of a song to another if the link originates from a page that has been cropped using the song editor.

For example, if I open a two page song whose pages have not yet been cropped in the song editor, I can successful create a link from the end of the song to the beginning i.e. from the bottom of page 2 to top of page 1. I can close the song and re-open it and the link still works.

If I now crop page 2 to show only the bottom half of the page, close and re-open the song, the link still works. But if I now delete the link and re-create it, close and re-open the song, the origin of the link on page 2 has vanished, though the destination on page 1 is still visible.

Curiously, if I repeat the last test but instead of cropping to show only the bottom half of the page I crop to show all of the page except the top centimetre, close and re-open the song, then the origin of the link is just visible, half hidden at the bottom of page.

Hopefully this is a bug that can readily be fixed, because the link facility is very useful. In fact the whole MobileSheets application is a joy to use.
I'll look into this ASAP to see if I can reproduce it. Thanks for letting me know.

I have a fix in place for this now.

That's much better, thank you!
I am having this problem. I downloaded MobileSheets two days ago and cannot seem to fix this in the version I have.
I have placed a link from the coda sign on page 1 of a 3 page chart to the beginning of the coda at the bottom of page 3. Touching the first link point takes me to the middle of page 3 rather than to the last 2 staves which are the coda. I have cleared everything and started over several times. 2 other repeat links in the chart work just fine.

Thanks for any ideas.

Surface Pro 3
Windows 10
If possible, please export the song (long press, select Share->Export as .msf) and send it to mike@zubersoft.com. That way I can test with the same song as you in the Windows 10 version to see if I can reproduce it.

Thanks to the file Darelor provided me, I have a fix in place for this for the next update.


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