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Additional Field for Setlist DB
Hey, Mr. Zuberman,

Our group performs at many events annualy.  Currently, when I create a setlist, I use the following format to name it: Gig Name and date (yyyy-mm-dd).  By doing that, it puts it in in Gig name order, and then by date (oldest to newest).

It's nice to be able to look at what set list we used in the past for gigs when creating new setlists for the same people.

My feature request is this: Would you be willing to add a date field for the setlist DB?  Then we could automatically have the setlist screen filtered (maybe as an user settings option) to only show dates that are current thru the future, hiding the past setlists.  But I would always want to have the option to show all the gigs by clicking on an option.

As I accumulate setlists, it's more time consuming finding the setlists for the upcoming events.  If I could filter by date, only showing the current date and future date setlists, my list would be much shorter and easy to find the setlist I'm looking for.  Much easier to see what is coming up for performance and practices.  But I would always want the option to show past gigs so I can look at my history.

Seems like it should be fairly easy to do, right?

It would also be nice someday to have some additional setlist fields: gig contact info (name, phone number, email), address of the gig, parking, showtime, arrival time, general notes, etc.

That would especially be nice because I could create the setlist with all the info, then send it out to everybody.  Right now I'm creating a pdf with all that info and more (coordinating with typically 15 people).

Thanks for all you do.  We are really loving your program and how you continually improve it.  Appreciate what you do!

My naming scheme for setlists is yyyy-mm-dd_xx_NameOfTheGig with xx being a 2 to 6 letter abbreviation of the band or line-up I play with. That's why I proposed the z...a inverse sort order a long time ago. Using that I quickly find the current gigs on top of the list.
Anyway your proposal seems useful. But it is not as easy as you might think: currently setlists do not have metadata (like songs) at all. So the according UI has to be designed and implemented.
In case Mike considers implementing that: a simple "comment" field plus just one user defined data field that can be searched and filtered would be enough for me. I would write the band into the user field and all additional info into the comment and that's it.
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