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What fields to categorize in
I'm trying to figure out which fields to put different categories in - - specifically between "Collections" and "Sources".  Since the Collections field has more filtering options (include or exclude...) it seems like I should just put all categories there and not use the Source field at all.  But I'm wondering if there is a reason I'm not getting that I should put some categories under  Sources?

The categories I'm working with now are vocal, choral, satb, ttbb, a capella,  etc.

Thanks to anyone who can offer me some insight on this. 

Collections and Sources are identical in how they can be used to store a list of songs. The difference lies mainly in the ability to sort the entire library based upon the collection (by changing the collection dropdown in the filter bar). This makes it well suited for situations where you may only want to see songs from one band you play in, or perhaps one specific type of music. The sources field has fewer options for how it is used with filtering, but if you only care about showing songs belonging to one source, then the two can be used identically. I do plan on adding the include/exclude/unassigned options for all filters in the future, and already have some code in place for this, so there won't be really any differences between the different group types when those changes are finished. It's just about how you want to use them.

Thanks very much for your helpful reply!

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