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Restore from Android to Windows NOT successful

different from the attached message, the restore of a large backup file was not successful, > 150 out of 2000 files are missing.
("153 songs found with 203 total files missing").
I made the backup on the 1.8.9 Android version and tried to restore on Windows 1.9.0.
The Windows installation is my "master" environment where the library is maintained and the distributed to the Android tablet(s).
However, in this instance here, I traveled with the tablet for a few days, had time to kill and defined lots of autoscroll settings per song (portrait mode), something that wouldn´t be easy to do in Windows on account of the notebook's landscape mode.
So I was hoping to be able to update the Windows installation with these individually defined settings, means, backup the Android library and restore fully in Windows.
Too many files are missing now in the Windows version (the library is complete though).
Is there a way to export/import just the settings, no song files, no audio files, just the settings?


PS: looking at the list of missing files, they all have the " ' " character in them (as in "A Hard Day's Night").
Is this the culprit?
There is never an issue the other way around (Windows to Android).

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I just tried backing up an Android library with a song whose title was "A Hard Day's Night", and had no problems restoring it on Windows 10. Have you used the companion app to check if the missing song files are even in the backup file? I'm guessing they weren't backed up on the Android side. In that case, you could try recreating the backup file and then restoring it on Windows 10 again.

If you export all of the songs to a .msf file, and then import that .msf file on the Windows side, you'll be given an option to update the existing songs. If you do this, it should fix them all.

The backup file is complete, to check this I deleted the library on the Android tablet (where the backup was made) and restored it, without a file missing.
I have a previous backup (made in Windows) that contains the same songs, else I wouldn't have dared to do that.
The reason for making a backup (on the tablet) were the 3 hours I put in defining the auto-scroll settings, those I wanted to transfer to my "master environment".
Can I copy just the file that contains those settings?
Version 1.9.2. change log says "fixed errors with restoring songs from a backup file containing invalid file paths", so I was hoping the Android backup file could be restored successfully in Windows now. The same files are lost though.
Can I copy the settings XML file that contains the auto-scroll settings (copy from Android to Windows), to provide the Windows version with those settings changes I made?
If you want to share the backup file with me, I can look into why it's failing to restore some of the songs. As for your question, auto-scroll settings are saved per song in the database. If you copy the Android database file to Windows, all of the file paths will be incorrect and you will be unable to load any of the songs. The best path forward is for me to fix whatever problem is stopping the restore from completing.

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