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page turn problem on slave tablet with bluetooth pedal
I don't know if someone posted something about this issue but here is my problem.
When I connect my two tablets together (master/slave) via bluetooth the page turn works fine with the touchscreen function and both pedals are synchronized.  But, when I use the bluetooth pedal (airturn) the page turn are random on the slave tablet while on the master it is ok (example, instead of 1-2-3-4 it goes 1-3-4-2).
Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you!!!
That is really strange behavior you are seeing. Are you running the latest version of MobileSheetsPro on both devices? Do you have the pedal actions on both tablets set up to just turn pages? I'll have to see if I can reproduce this problem.

I have tried master/slave combinations across two nexus tablets, a yarvik and a boox, and I find page-turning only works with a physical touch of the master screen (whichever one is master). Footpedal turners, either usb or bluetooth, turn only the master, not the slaves in any combination of my machines.  Latest version of MSPro on all machines, and library settings all the same.
I have also had this same problem. Page turning with BT pedal skips pages but swiping works fine.
Hi again,
I finally had the time to test again the airturn ped with my 2 android tablets.
Both devices have the most recent version and the pedal set up is the same on both (simple page turn).
After trying it a while I noticed that it mostly (not to say always) turns 2 pages at a time on the slave tablet while it goes normally on the master...
Swiping still works fine with both (but it's not very helpful when you play the violin right!) Wink
Thank you for looking into this,
Alright, thanks, I'll see what I can do.
I've tried the same configuration but with a usb mouse for page turns, it does the same : simple page on master/2 at a time on slave..

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