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Automatic "sync" for Mobilesheets on two devices (Windows)

i am using two installations of mobilesheets on windows 10.

For rehersals with my orchestra i am using a tablet (w10).
At home i have a large 27" display mounted on a stand connected to a bare bone. I am using this setup not only for MobileSheets but also for playalong, recording and sometimes for arranging. I really like using both devices, especially that i can display two pages side by side on the large display at home.

During rehersals and when i am practicing the sheet music get an update here and a remark there. - I want to keep the work in sync between the tablet and my home setup.

I tried syncing the LocalState folder between devices via a cloud storage provider. But that was not successful.

Is there any way to "sync" two devices?
At the moment i have to Backup&Restore 5GB to keep the devices "in sync".
Any hints welcome.

Best regards
I haven't added synchronization features yet to make this easier, but it's on my list of things to do. For now, a backup is the safest way, otherwise you will have to manually copy over all the files including the database file.
wouldn't such a workflow work also:

- set the MobileSheets folder to something outside of the LocalState folder e.g. d:\MSPData
- make sure all song files are in subfolders of the MobileSheets folder
- make sure the folder structure (including the drive letter) is identical for all MSP installations
- synchronize these MobileSheets folders via cloud storage
- work in only one of the MSP installations at the same time
- synchronize or copy mobilesheets.db between the LocalState folders of the different MSP installations
  (make sure that this sync is done before starting to work with another MSP installation)

What's your opinion Mike?
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Yes, that approach would work just fine. If you use a program to help you sync up the folders to the cloud storage, then it should be straightforward to grab updates on each device. You would obviously need to only update one device at a time though (if you make changes on both devices, I'm not sure how you would merge those changes with this approach).


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