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Filtering collections
Is there a way of filtering a library search?   For example: I have some tunes in a collection called' 'Swedish tunes'.  I also have some in a 'Waltzes' collection: these overlap.  Can I filter my search to identify those common to both collections in order to identify a sub-list of Swedish waltzes?

Conversely, is there a way of eliminating a category?  For example: can I filter a search in my 'Swedish tunes' list by specifying 'But not those also in the 'Waltzes' collection'?
Do you use genre or a key/custom word to identify the songs or just basic information [name, artist, year, etc]? If you do use the first, you may be able to use Collection>Swedish tunes and Waltzs, then select genre or a key/custom word in 'search all fields'. You will need at least 2 different fields the primar[ies] and subset[s]. Just selecting Collections>Waltz's and the genre or a key/custom word in 'search all fields' may do the elimination sort. You will need some sort of specific secondary identifier to make any kind of specialized sort. In this case if you have labeled all the waltz's by genre or all Swedish songs with a custom word it should be possible to do a specialized sort.
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I believe if you filter on multiple collections, it does an OR type comparison. It will show any songs in any of the selected collections. The exclude filter likewise excludes any song in any of the selected collections. You can't currently do more complex searches like you are describing - i.e. show me songs only in one collection and not another, or show me songs belonging to multiple collections. In order to support those kinds of comparisons, I would probably have to support a more open ended search language where you could enter a query with logical operators and comparisons of specific field values.

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