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Missing files on restore

I changed my SDcard to a bigger one and there are a few issues with the restore.
MS says there are files missing while those files are already there.
Find broken file paths found about half of them, but about 70 are still reported as missing.

All those remaining files have a duplicate entry; however the metadata is different it seems for every file.

It's as if MS restored a file with some metadata and tried to restore the same file which is part of another collection or setlist.
At that point, MS decided NO, that file is already in the database.
IOW, MS may have tried to create a new entry instead of just updating the metadata in the existing entry. (Just guessing here)

I guess this raises the question; can a file be part of more than one collection, genre artist, etc? I always assumed yes.
It has to be able to be part of more than one setlist for sure, otherwise what would be the point?

I believe this may part of a reported problem that I read in the past, but a search didn't turn up anything with "files missing on restore".

The first thing that needs to be determined is if the backup file actually contains all of the files, or if MobileSheetsPro was unable to include those files in the backup for some reason. You can verify this with the MobileSheetsPro companion. Try to extract one of the files that MobileSheetsPro says is missing. If it's in the backup file, then it's a restore issue in MobileSheetsPro. If the file is missing, then it's either a problem with MobileSheetsPro generating the backup file, or the file was missing or inaccessible when MobileSheetsPro tried to package it in the backup file. There has been feedback on this issue before on the forums, but I've had difficulty reproducing the problem. I haven't had a great deal of time for intensive testing though, as I've been trying to finish some of the major promised updates. At some point I'm going to need to try to a) reproduce the issue so I can isolate where the problem is, and b) add better error checking/reporting with the backup to ensure that missing files are either identified or flagged so the user is aware.


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