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Metronome Requests
Wondering if it were possible to have multiple independent metronomes -- not only per song, but per page.
Are you wanting independent metronome settings, or actual metronomes on the screen? I'm assuming you mean just different settings per page.  I'm not really sure how to change the current design to support that at the moment, so I'll have to think about it. You already can add multiple tempos to the metronome and switch between those tempos with touch actions. 

No, I mean actual metronomes on the screen in some cases. For example, one "song" (a single pdf with a dozen or so charts in it) requires me to count in the band at several locations within that single pdf, sometimes twice per page, and with different tempos. Then, there are times that I don't need to for a few pages. It would be great if I didn't need to use a touch action to do that -- that the metronome would simply be running when I got to that page. Also, the ability to move them around the page would be helpful, since it would be like applying them to different paragraphs on a page.

Finally, I like the idea of using the glow for one page, and the LED's for another, etc. -- is that possible?
Based upon your use case, I would actually recommend using the snippet tool to split that one song into many smaller songs so that you can have different settings for each one. Then you can just load all of the songs in one setlist. Making all of the settings you described configurable per page seems overkill to me and would greatly complicate the UI. The metronome in its current design isn't really meant to be left up as something that you would want visible at all times. It's really meant more for you to configure it, then let it play in the background. 

Ok, I think I understand. Does the snippet tool break a single pdf file into multiple files? Would it allow me to insert pages in between, assuming they were now independent pages?
The snippet tool will create a new song using a portion of an existing PDF file, but the file itself will not be modified in any way. You could add multiple PDFs to one of the snippets to effecively insert pages in between, or add another song to the setlist in between snippets. A future update may add the ability to insert pages into a PDF (along with other basic PDF modifications).

Alright, so my next question here is: how do I move the position of the metronome on the page itself?
That isn't currently supported.
Ok. Thanks for your help, Mike.
On the topic of Metronome Requests...
I'd like to add a vote for a song-independent metronome.
I play piano in a contra dance band, which is what I purchased my whole Chuwi Hi13/Windows 10/ MobileSheets system for. I really don't use this tablet for much of anything else.
As the piano player, I have to set the tempo for the whole band and, depending on the complexity of the dance, the age of the dancers, etc., the caller will request that we change tempo on the fly in the middle of a set. I convey these changes to everyone else with exaggerated head nods while dialing the tempo setting up/down on my physical metronome. We will stay with that new tempo until the caller tells us to change it again, which might happen later in that set, a few sets later, or the caller might keep it there for the rest of the evening. So preset song tempos absolutely don't work for this kind of performing.
Working with the current MS metronome, I haven't found a way to change the default metronome settings so that if a song doesn't have any tempo assigned, it would default to 110bpm, 2/4 time. Usually our sets are made up of two 16-measure songs (mainly jigs and reels). Both songs generally can be displayed simultaneously on the screen for the entire set, but if we have a 3-song set and I have to scroll to fully display the third song, sometimes the metronome just turns off (because the second or third song has no tempo assigned, I assume). That's a bit annoying.
I would love for the MS metronome to have an "Independent" mode where it just keeps ticking away, regardless of any song settings and it would never alter any song tempo settings. It would start up with the tempo it was at when it was last shut down.  I'd love for it to be ticking away regardless of what MS screen I'm on, but I don't know if that's possible. I currently use the flashing blue circle (no audio). It would not display the beat number or denote beat 1 in any way, which is actually detrimental rather than helpful because we never stay exactly with the metronome throughout the entire set, but I constantly use it for reference. However, I would recommend DISPLAYING THE TEMPO INSIDE THE CIRCLE, with a nifty method to adjust the tempo on the fly by 1 bpm (or 2 bpm would work, too) - perhaps by tapping on the top/bottom half (or left/right side) of the circle? Our tempos might range from 90 to 120 on any given evening so making relative tempo changes up and down is ideal. Having to change the tempo by entering a tempo number is not helpful at all.  In "Independent mode", no song tempo values should ever be saved because at one dance we may play a certain set at 114 while, on another evening, we might play the same set at 100 - whatever the caller wants.
So my ideal MS metronome would be one that:
   1 - just sits there and flashes all evening long
   2 - constantly displays the tempo somehow
   3 - I can easily bump the tempo up or down on the fly
   4 - doesn't change when I pull up new set lists or songs
   5 - only turns off when I turn it off OR can automatically turn on with the last tempo when a song or set list is displayed and automatically turn off when the music is not displayed
Thanks for listening! Sorry for the long post but I had to explain how tempos work in a contra dance band (plus, I'm just naturally verbose, unfortunately). Please let me know if you'd like any further clarification on anything.
Walter Weinzinger  -  Just Desserts  -  Flagstaff, AZ
P.S. I'm excited about using MS at a gig this weekend for the first time, although I'm still bringing my music binder - for now - just in case!
P.P.S.  Now if I can just figure out how to go straight to the music when I select a set rather than always having to also press "Load All"...

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