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Insufficient zoom when sheet height/width ratio higher - alternative solution found
I have now realized the solution to my problem is already available.  My real issue was having a page 1 and page 2 of dis-similar heights of music sheet and trying to view them with the same level of zoom when being vertically scrolled.  It is not possible to control the zoom on the individual sheets and the default scaling mode "Fit Screen" makes the two pages zoom different amounts.  The solution is simply to change the scaling mode to "Fit Width" and both pages then are scaled the same.  I can then zoom the two pages together to be just the size I want.  Solved!

The following issue is still true but now I figured out how to solve the basic problem with multi pages, I can't see why anyone would need to join the sheets together into a single page.

There is insufficient zoom under certain circumstances which I explain below.  See SUGGESTED MODIFICATION below for the fix I propose.

I've been using the Windows 10 version of MobileSheets for a week now and I think it is excellent and meets or exceeds my needs.  I use a 24" non-touchscreen monitor and pedal page turner.  I perform zooming by holding down the Ctrl key and turning the mouse scroll wheel.

I have a lot of fake book music that is printed in, for me, an uncomfortably small staff, around 5mm in height, and I like to use the zoom feature in MobileSheets so that this can be magnified on the screen.  In the book, there can be up to 3 songs per page and some will continue across the page boundary.  After scanning each page I have horizontally cut the scanned tif images into individual songs but, for the songs continued across page boundaries, there are two images.  Initially I tried converting the two images into a 2 page pdf but when this is displayed in MobileSheets, as the two pages are usually different heights (same width), MobileSheets applies different scaling to the two sheets so they appear as different widths on the screen.  I could not find a way to prevent this.

Instead I horizontally joined the two tiffs into one and this seemed to work well with vertical scrolling.  I could zoom the screen to get the level of magnification I wanted.

However, as was sometimes the case, if the song ran across two full pages the joined tiff was relatively tall and thin, maybe 5000 x 14000 pixels.  When this is displayed in MobileSheets I find that even at maximum zoom the magnification is a little less than I would want.  It certainly will not zoom to fill the width of the screen.  My guess is that the maximum zoom is limited to a ratio of how the song is first displayed, which is very small because of the height/width ratio.

I could cut up the long tif into 2 pieces of equal length and make a 2 page pdf but this is a bit tricky as I don't want to cut through a staff so it would need just the right amount of padding added to the end first so the mid-cut was between staffs.

It seems to me that it would be more useful if zoom limits in MobileSheets were based on ratios to the actual size of the image and not the scaled initial display size.

Of course, as a Newbie, I might have entirely the wrong end of the stick.

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