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How to crash MSP with potential data loss
Not what I was looking for, but that's what I found.

There's a reproducable crash or rather hangup in this situation, which probably doesn't occur to most users, but you probably want to look into it anyway, Mike.

Remember my request for keeping MSP in memory because it keeps reloading after switching to other apps when memory is scarce?

My tablet is still a Sony Xperia Z4 with Nougat and I have a big database, so the reload happens quite often, especially if I stay in the other app for longer.

I was adding songs to a setlist in MSP from a word document I was viewing in another app on the tablet.

If I leave the edit screen before switching to the word app MSP usually needs to reload the database anyway but no harm done here.

If I don't leave the edit screen, switch to the other app and return to MSP, it tries to reload the database but fails. It just shows continually the "loading circle"
you only can escape by leaving the app.

At restart MSP warns that the database is 0 byte and recommends to load the backup.

I always used the backup then and it worked. So no harm done. But if the backup is corrupt or somebody accidentally doesn't use it there could be data loss, right?
That's definitely a serious problem, but I can't reproduce it on any of my devices, because when I switch between apps, MobileSheetsPro doesn't reload for me. The only way I can imagine forcing MoblieSheetsPro to reload when switching apps is to either set the background limit under Settings->Developer Settings->Background Process limit to "No Background processes" or enable Settings->Developer Settings->Don't Keep Activities under the tablet settings. You definitely wouldn't want either of those settings set that way though, as that would cause major problems with MobileSheetsPro. You didn't change any of those developer settings on your device, did you?

As a side note, for testing purposes, I set the background process limit to "No Background Processes", then edited a song in MS Pro, then switched apps, and then switched back. I then got the database loading message and it caused major problems with the app. I had to force kill it and reload it. My database was fine after the reload though, so I'm not sure why the database became 0 bytes for you. SQLite is supposed to prevent that kind of data loss, and the database shouldn't have been written to during initialization.


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