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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.1.2 Released
MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.1.2 and MobileSheetsPro Companion v2.6.7 have been released. This update addresses an issue that has been around since the Windows 10 version was initially released: the metronome audio playback was inaccurate and on many devices would stutter or stray from the tempo.  I've struggled to fix this problem in the past, as I was utilizing Microsoft's AudioGraph library which seems to be unable to play audio at a consistent tempo. Just recently, a third party library called Superpowered was released with support for Windows 10 store apps. The superpowered library is quite powerful and I already planned on using it to add a number of powerful features to the MobileSheetsPro audio player (such as adjusting the pitch or speeding up/slowing down tracks). Well I decided to try to use this library for the metronome audio playback in the Windows 10 version. The difference was night and day. The metronome can now play back audio while maintaining the proper tempo for any period of time. As part of the licensing agreement for using superpowered, you will now see the superpowered logo at startup in the Windows 10 version. In the future (after updating the audio player in the Android app), you will see the logo there at startup as well.

This update also adds a few small features such as the ability to launch files in other applications, along with a number of important bug fixes. See the full list of changes below:

NOTE: This update changes the database which impacts compatibility with older versions. The companion app will no longer connect to older versions after being updated.

Changes made to both versions (Android & Windows 10):
  • Smart buttons can now be used to launch files in other applications.
  • Fixed issue with chords not showing up correctly in chord pro files when wrap text is disabled
  • Fixed issue with the vertical scrolling adapter that could prevent scrolling with page turns under certain conditions
  • Added back arrow to the popup letter list
  • Fixed bug where the turn two pages forward/back pedal actions could change songs even when "Prevent Pedal from Changing Songs" was active
  • Switched the crop editor "Apply To" action to a setting under a separate dialog to reduce confusion
Changes made to MobileSheetsPro on Android:
  • Added code to allow backing up to and restoring from USB drives or other external storage on newer Android versions
  • MobileSheetsPro will now show up correctly as an import choice when text, chord pro, msf and mss files are opened externally
  • Added minor performance enhancements and optimizations
Changes made to MobileSheets on Windows 10:
  • Replaced the metronome audio backend to fix issues with accuracy and stability. The metronome will no longer stutter or stray from the tempo.
  • Fixed bug that could cause two pages to turn when swiping
  • Fixed bug that would cause the turn two pages pedal actions to be cleared when the app is restarted
  • Fixed issue in the file browser where checkboxes wouldn't properly appear for files under certain scenarios
  • Fixed display issue in the cropping editor that could cause pages to draw off the screen
  • Fixed issue with dialogs not being centered on the screen
MobileSheetsPro Companion v2.6.6
  • Fixed bug where importing msf files wouldn't extract the smart button data
  • Fixed bug where batch MIDI commands were not correctly handled in msf files
  • Database update to match tablet apps (support linking of files to smart buttons)

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