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Set List > SORT:SHUFFLE = Bad Things
Galaxy Tab A, Android 7, MSP 2.1.2

Basically, enabling Shuffle mode for a Set List corrupts the Set List, whether enabling Shuffle while viewing the Set List, or while editing it.

Steps to reproduce:

Create a new Set List
Add songs (I added 3 songs)

At some point, either while initially creating the New the Set List, OR during a later EDIT of the Set List, OR while displaying the Set List, select:  SORT and change from Manual to Shuffle.  Damage done.

Now, the existing songs names that were in the Set List when you selected Shuffle mode appear to be permanently stuck in the Set List, and will be visible whenever Shuffle mode is selected for that Set List.  You can delete the songs, but the song names still show up.

Example - anytime after you've selected Shuffle, even if you change back to Manual, try to remove a Song name from the Set List.  It will not appear to be removed while in Shuffle mode.  It will appear to be removed if in Manual mode, but then the name will appear again if Shuffle mode is re-selected, but that name will not display any file if pressed.

If the Set List is then displayed in Shuffle mode, and a "ghost" song name is pressed, the results are unpredictable, for example try deleting ALL the songs (via CLEAR ALL or manually) for a Set List corrupted via Shuffle.  In this case, the "cleared" song titles will appear only in Shuffle mode, but cannot be pressed and displayed from the Set List (popup=The Set List Is Empty).  It does not matter whether you use CLEAR ALL, or remove individually, and it does not matter whether you are in Shuffle or Manual mode when you remove the song(s).

A related behavior:

Create a new Set List
Add songs (I added 3 songs)
Select Shuffle mode.
CLEAR ALL, and confirm.
Nothing seems to disappear.
Select Manual mode - the list appears empty.
Reselect Shuffle mode - the previously CLEARed entries re-appear.

Now exit the Add Set List function and view the Set List - it appears empty while in Manual mode, but has entries (none of which will work later) while in Shuffle mode.

Now, EDIT the Set List again.

IF editing in Shuffle mode (seeing the "ghosts), any new songs you add to the Set List appear twice in the list.
IF editing in Manual mode (not seeing the "ghosts"), any songs you add appear to be added normally, but if you then switch to Shuffle mode, you see two entries for each song name you added.

Actually using a Set List that's been edited after being in Shuffle Mode is likely to display incorrect titles, or end prematurely when you try to move to the next page.

Once a Set List is damaged in this way, the only workaround seems to be to DELETE the Set List.

Can anyone else replicate this?

Many thanks.
So I only see the problem with not being able to delete songs from a shuffled setlist if you shuffle the setlist with descending order (i.e. uncheck the "Ascending" checkbox). Otherwise removing individual songs seems to work for me. There does appear to be an issue with the clear all option when using the shuffle sorting though, so I'll work on getting that fixed. The setlist is not corrupted though - if you exit the application and restart it, all of the songs will be gone from the setlist. The database is updated properly - there is just a list object that is not being correctly cleared. 

With further testing, I'm seeing a few other oddities with switching between shuffle sorting and manual sorting, so I'll continue fixing bugs as I encounter them.


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