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Annotation size in landscape + split view issue

I have a small but annoying issue concerning annotation size. When I use MobileSheets with my Surface in portrait mode, the annotation strokes are of a certain size, but when I switch to landscape mode and try adding annotations, the strokes will be bigger. It would be nice if they were of a consistent size relating to the page size always.

Also, another minor issue is that it's currently impossible to use the app in split screen without putting it first in "windowed" mode, and once you're in this mode, you can't go back to fullscreen without closing and restarting the app.

On a side note, it would be very nice to have native Windows Ink support in MobileSheets. I know this isn't that trivial to implement, but it would be very nice and would make the experience a lot better IMO, since the current annotations can be a bit weird and laggy sometimes.

Thank you so much for the amazing app. I use it every day as a music student and it's working great!  Smile


The size of the annotations should be relative to the size of the page when they were first created. So if the page is smaller in portrait, and then you rotate to landscape, the page is probably being increased in size, which means the annotations need to increase in size to be the same relative size. If I didn't do that, the annotations wouldn't scale properly when transferred to devices with different resolutions and screen densities. It also means if the page scaling changed because of switching to a different display mode or page scaling mode, the annotations wouldn't change their size properly.

If you go to desktop mode, then back to tablet mode, you can resume full screen mode by hitting F11.

The only reason there isn't native Windows Ink support is because it would create an incompatibility with Android. The way Windows saves the ink data would make it impossible to save that information in the database and render that appropriately on Android. At some point I want to be able to easily let users save annotations in the PDF itself but still be able to modify them (essentially meaning I'll be switching back and forth between PDF annotations and MobileSheets annotations), and that will only be possible if the annotation representations works both ways. If I use the Windows Ink approach, I wouldn't even know how to get started with embedding that in the PDF as I believe it uses variable width strokes.


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