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Key Selection shortcuts and Storage Location display
(Just purchased MS for Win10 this morning for my new Chuwi Hi13 - I'm very tempted to take vacation days just to stay at home and play with MobileSheets!)
Two things I noticed this morning:
 1. When using the Key shortcuts, A-G on the right side of the list, to quickly jump to a group of keys with the same letter, it only jumps to the first key in that group which gets displayed at the bottom of the list. So if I press 'F' to select, say F#m, the shortcut only gets me to 'F', displayed at the very bottom of the list. I can see all the E-keys, but only one F-key. So then I still have to scroll down to see the rest of the F-keys.
I expected the shortcut to take me to a point in the list where I could see all the keys for the selected shortcut without needed to scroll any further. Perhaps the shortcut could be linked to the LAST key in that group instead of the FIRST key in that group?
 2. After browsing and selecting a folder for my Storage Location, the path displayed on the Settings window still showed the old path, making me wonder if I had done something wrong. Thinking that the path just had not been updated yet, I exited the Settings - Storage window. Upon returning to the Storage Settings window, the display showed the correct, updated path. 
I expected the path shown in the Storage Settings window to be updated once a new folder is selected in the "BrowseForFolder" window.

Please disregard this and my apologies for wasting everyone's time if I'm simply doing something wrong and these aren't issues at all!

Update: I just tried changing the Storage Location again but this time I had a couple of songs in that location as opposed to no files loaded when I tried it the first time and the displayed path on the Storage tab didn't update.  This time it worked just as expected. So I would disregard issue 2 listed above.
Chuwi 13.5" H13, Win10, 128GB  μSD
Hello Walter and welcome,

If you press a letter on the right side of the list, it is supposed to scroll the first entry beginning with that letter to the top of the list. If that is not working, then something is definitely wrong, and I'll have to look into it to see if I can reproduce what you are seeing. Does the same issue happen if you use the alphabet list on the songs tab versus the keys tab?

The storage location bug is one I'm looking into. I do think there is an issue there that needs to be fixed.


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