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PDF does not exist
I've been using Mobilesheets for years now on android but recently moved to using Windows 10.  I'm trying to add a new song that I downloaded in PDF form.  When I add the song in Mobilesheets is shows the pages of music correctly in the edit mode and I save.  When I then try to bring the song up it just shows the file location and ".PDF does not exist."  I've tried to have Mobilesheets open the file and then save and it still doesn't work.  Feeling very frustrated at the moment.  The file is there, I can view it through PDF viewer.
We should be able to figure this out. First, what process are you using for importing the file for the new song? If you are using the song editor to create the song, are you importing from Dropbox/Google Drive? If you use Import->Dropbox or Import->Google Drive instead, does the problem still occur? Can you take a screenshot of the error message so I can see the exact path the PDF that is missing? The file probably isn't being properly copied to the storage location, so it will help to know how you imported the file so I can try to determine why.

I tried importing and was given a error message that it failed importing.  I'm at work and don't have access to my person tablet to get a screenshot.  I think the PDF file must have had some kind of corruption or issue with windows saving it because my rhythm guitarist was able to save it on his android tablet with no problems.  Through mobilesheets he tried sharing first just the file and I still had the problem.  When he shared the .MSF file and it imported with no problems. 

I began to think there was something wrong with the file when I followed the same process with another PDF my director sent last night after I started this thread and had no problem.  

Got to love Windows.

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