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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.1.7 Released
MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.1.7 have been released. This update contains a few notable enhancements:

1) New settings for zooming and panning  - You can now choose whether you want to use high quality zooming (which requires a re-render of all affected pages after releasing the pinch gesture), or low quality zooming which is much faster, but is more useful to those who want to zoom in and out a lot. Likewise, a new setting is available to reset the pan and zoom settings after loading a song.  This setting should be enabled for those who like to temporarily zoom in to view content, but want to leave the score unzoomed while playing. The benefit of enabling this setting is that you can pan with a single finger after zooming in. When paired with the low quality zoom, there is no performance penalty to zooming and out a lot or panning around the score. These new settings can be found in the song overlay on the Zoom & Pan Settings dialog.

2) New option to show the audio playback time on the score - Enabling this setting in the audio play settings dialog will cause the current playback time to be shown in the top right corner of the screen. With this first round of changes, no options are available for where on the screen the time is shown, the text size, the text color or background color. A future update will add these options if they are deemed useful to have.

3) Updates to chord pro metadata handling - New metadata directives are supported for composer, year and meta. When using the meta command, such as {meta genre Rock}, it is possible to set values in MobileSheetsPro that aren't supported through other directives. Supported meta values include "sortitle", "collection", "setlist", "source", "genre", "difficulty", "custom", "custom2", "customgroup" and "keywords". For all group metadata fields, you can now also specify multiple values by adding multiple instances of that directive.

The update also contains some important bug fixes especially for Windows 10. The metronome bug where the metronome window stays black until the tablet is rotated has been fixed, as well as the crash that occurs while multi-tasking with a MIDI device connected. The full list of changes can be found below:

Changes made to both versions (Android & Windows 10):
  • Added new zoom settings. You can now perform fast low quality zooms (like zooming in the annotations editor) or slower HQ zooms.
  • Added new option to reset pan and zoom settings when songs are loaded. If this is enabled, a single finger can be used to pan after zooming. Page turns are disabled until the page is zoomed backed out.
  • Added new setting to show the current audio playback time on the page
  • Added support for additional metadata chord pro directives including composer, year and meta. Multiple values can now be specified for all fields.
  • The option to automatically import matching audio files now works when using DropBox or Google Drive
  • When adding pages through a file's page order, cropping and rotation from existing pages is now applied to the new pages
  • Added support for triggering MIDI actions using the MIDI start, continue and stop messages
  • Fixed bug when using the annotations editor after zooming in using the vertical scrolling display mode
  • Changed the default behavior when importing to ignore duplicate files
Changes made to MobileSheetsPro on Android:
  • Changed folder icon on the batch import dialog so that a menu provides option to select source (Local, DropBox, Google Drive)
  • Fixed bug where link points wouldn't trigger if a finger was moved before lifting it
  • Changed the behavior on phones so that audio can be played in external applications while MobileSheetsPro is running (does not apply to Galaxy App Store version due to their requirements)
Changes made to MobileSheets on Windows 10:
  • Fixed bug where the metronome window wasn't correctly shown
  • Added new setting to hide and disable the mouse cursor when viewing songs in performance mode
  • The date created and last modified sort options now respect the date format specified in the Windows 10 settings
  • Fixed bug that can cause the app to crash when multi-tasking while a MIDI device is connected
  • Fixed bug where it was impossible to sign in to Dropbox when connecting for the first time
  • Fixed bug where the storage path value shown on the settings screen was not updated after changing the storage location
  • Fixed bug where link points don't correctly fade after the initial creation
  • Fixed crash on some devices when the release notes are shown after an update occurs
  • Fixed a large number of reported crashes
MobileSheetsPro Companion v2.7.0
  • Added support for additional metadata chord pro directives including composer, year and meta. Multiple values can now be specified for all fields.
  • Fixed bug where the group tabs wouldn't be updated after importing songs
  • Fixed issue when updating a song that could change the ordering of certain group types like Key
  • Fixed crash when selecting edit song from the context menu on a group tab with no song selected
For those that are curious, the library synchronization features are still in internal testing. Some of the larger bugs that have been reported (and the plethora of enhancement requests) have diverted my attention, but I'm going to resume trying to finish this feature as soon as possible so that beta testing can begin.


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